A scavenger hunt in the digital age - with QR-codes

QR-codes have already been the bee’s knees in Asia for some time, but they are also constantly on the rise in Europe. The creative & design agency Glancers came up with the idea of creating an intriguing QR-code based game for upcoming events for its client SWISS Air. With Digital Nonsense as their technical project partner, a dynamic quiz game was created that made the QR-code readers on smartphones an essential part of the gaming experience. After scanning a registration QR-code the participants took part in a digital scavenger hunt. With each scanned QR-code, a correctly answered question brought the user closer to winning the game and participating in the final raffle.

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  • Glancers
  • CSS3, HTML5, jQuery Mobile, MySQL
  • 2012
  • Game,
Swiss mobile game
Swiss mobile game
Swiss mobile game
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