Find activities and events near you with 16Tags is a web start-up project based in Munich, Germany, helping people connect with each other for activities and events. Digital Nonsense was given the lead for the front-end development and usability design of the page for several months. One particular challenge of this project was to...

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  • 16Tags UG
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Kinda bored?

Looking for a creative job?

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XSPACE Recruitment
Need a change?

Keep warm and save money - with intelligent heating control

The right adjustment of heating installations can save a lot of energy and money – but it is often inconvenient and time consuming. Wouldn’t it be nice if a mobile application could do all the work for you? As a solution the start-up company tado° has created...

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tado° mobile
Keep warm with tado°

A scavenger hunt in the digital age -...

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  • Glancers
Swiss mobile game
New game challenges

Experience the future of heating control

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A glimpse of the future
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