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About Digital Nonsense

Is it all just nonsense? Not at all: Just because founder Dave Cartwright named his company Digital Nonsense doesn’t mean he is not taking his work or his customers seriously – it is quite the opposite. Developing and programming are his passion and he performs it on the highest level of quality. The company portfolio includes touchscreen applications, websites, mobile apps and more, and new challenges are always welcome. Maybe Digital Nonsense has the answer to your digital questions? Contact us and find out!

The Person behind Digital Nonsense:

Dave Cartwright founded Digital Nonsense in January 2011, but his personal success story began much earlier. He made his first experiences in the field of commercial programming and developing back in 2002 with internships at Side Effects Software Inc. and later at CAT PRODUCTION in 2005. After finishing his education as a digital media designer he became a self employed part of CAT PRODUCTION in 2007 and took the role as Head of IT & Development until the end of 2010. From here, it was only a short hop to the founding of his own company, Digital Nonsense, and the first year was already a huge success, with a wide range of exciting projects for well-known clients. But it didn’t end here – just check out this website to learn more about the wide variety of projects managed by Digital Nonsense.

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